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My name is Bee Simoes and I am the Founder of FEELGOOD Learn and Massage. I was born in Portugal with a proud mixture of Angolan heritage.

I took an interest in the Health and Fitness industry, after completing 7 years training in professional Dance. Massage was a fundamental part of our maintenance and having witnessed frequent injuries, I decided to take the opportunity to help others, after also suffering with Tendinitis and a Herniated Disc.

I founded FEELGOOD after spending over 500 hours assisting and practising my skills alongside a remarkable Massage Teacher.

I studied the quality of her service, client communication and spiritual value in order to make this company one of a kind.

My first experience in Mobile Massage, began when I worked for a London Agency for 2 years which helped me become hugely confident after a period of time to start my own journey.

I have since, treated a large number of people including those travelling into London from America, Canada, Dubai France, Israel and many other countries. I have been fortunate to be flown to Rome and back to treat a regular client, have a number of clients in Portugal and have helped make a healthy impact in the lives of people with diverse backgrounds such as, lawyers, boxers, marathon runners, film producers, engineers, directors etc.

For the past 2 years, I have expanding into healing work to help people with their sleep, understand underlining past traumas that are presently affecting them and to find a true connection to a joyful lifestyle. My intuition has successfully guided me to deepen the knowledge of my client’s physical tensions, resulting in a more effective and long term transformation for each individual.

I travel as far as the M25 perimeter and beyond, where I have separate contracts with a number of clients to visit them in their cities if they cannot make it to London.

My weight lift training has highly supported my massage performance which allows me to give from soft/light massages to intense sessions.

One major point that influenced my passion for a higher level service, was the feedback clients gave to me about their previous massage experiences.

Having had an unfortunate experience myself, it became apparent that massage technique is very easy to lose over time if training is not maintained.

FEELGOOD understands how important it is for you as a paying customer, to receive exactly what you visioned & that as an experienced Therapist, to guide you through every step of our work. It is crucial that we create a home of trust.

To book an appointment with Bee, please call on 0208 150 9109 or click the link, to make a booking online.



FG is a professional mobile massage company providing unique therapy and education, in and around London.

We attend to those leading demanding lifestyles and business travellers, through athletic and holistic approaches. Clients are visited by our fully equipped therapists at their residences, hotels and offices. We class ourselves as a non agency platform, as we keep our technique exclusive and only available to therapists with an advance quality of work and intuition…

Our time and energy are vital to individuals, looking to restore their daily balance. We understand the exhaustion within our modern day’s society and how it can dampen our mental and physical being. We aim to eliminate stress, pain and worries, giving a new you back.

FG offers one to one tailor made workshops for beginners, anybody with a basic knowledge in Massage, looking to enhance their skills and couples massages.

We provide tips and tricks on how to be unique in the industry, address the correct conduct of being a Therapist and fulfil a regular clientele. We are flexible enough to also guide others in our private tuition sessions, how to give professional massages to their partners. FG studies the strengths and health benefits massage can hold as a non-verbal communication for couples.

Our workshops are intense and require full attention. They are also kept small to ensure all focus is on the individual.


What Makes Us Unique?

We have a reputation of delivering high quality services due to concentrating on extreme detail, presence and atmosphere in our therapies.

We do not see ourselves as an agency as we believe in quality over quantity and not sharing our expertise’s too widely.

We are fully certified, insured and we spend time training any Therapists to FG’s standards, before working with us. We always support our therapist’s training and future opportunities.

One of our special features includes offering free massage time to regular clients on their 3rd and 6th massage sessions. These rewards are unlimited and on rotation as a way for us to say thank you. You can view this information and further terms via the loyalty scheme page.

Client’s needs are very important so we have devised a Symptoms Chart for those that are not sure of what massage to get or first time massage individuals (optional use).


As we are now taking secure local and international card payments, we are donating 25p per online transaction to the MHF, based in London. Due to the nature of our work, we are very passionate about the Mental health organisations and developments arising for all that face it. Please kindly take the time to make your online booking today and we will let you know via email each month how much has been donated.


Please enjoy the usage of our site and we look forward to seeing you soon!

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