FG’s daily health and safety practises

Hygiene Safety and Confidentiality is practised at FG on a daily basis. 

We want to ensure the calmest environment around any concerns at all times. Please take some time to read through our diciplined guidelines and we would like to encourage you all to ring us before booking your appointment, where we can discuss any questions you may have.   


  • We ask that our clients respect our health and safety guidelines and to declare any symptoms of feeling unwell before their massage appointment. This way we can reschedule any appointments if we feel it is necessary, including those who have recently travelled.
  • We are happy to share knowledge of any global updates to keep you at ease and confident in our safe practise
  • Temperature checkings are done before your session.
  • Please have a mask handy.


  • We buy our oil in bulk of 5 litres which we then transfer to our mini bottles by a bottle container. All oil bottles and containers are washed with warm water before and after usage.
  • Our massage tables are wiped down after every usage with antibacterial wipes and are then thrown away to general waste.
  • Our massage table is protected with a cushioned cover before our cottoned stretched cover. Spare table covers wil be in use whilst the others are being washed straight after usage.
  • Our facepillow and cover is washed on a reguar basis and is protected with non allergic disposible covers for each client. We are happy to use a client’s towel to create a face pillow if more comfortable to do so.
  • All towels are supplied by clients but we do carry small spare hand towels which we may use for extra comfort during sessions. Our towels are all washed after usage.
  • All equipment is sanitised through out our working days, including a regular deep clean of our massage table bag and oil storage.


  • Washed and cleansed uniform is worn on a daily basis.
  • Therapist’s hands are washed thoroughly before and after every massage session. Wipes are also at hand to avoid any oil transfer.
  • Therapists are happy to carry a hand towel and soap for extra reassurance.
  • Due to a strict and disciplined healthy lifestyle, our Therapist’s immune system is strong and well looked after by a rich nutritioned diet. We like to train up to 5 times a week so we are very confident within these departments and like to set an example of a highly professional Masseuse.
  • Any sign of Therapist’s feeling unwell will always be actioned upon immediately and will reschedule any bookings until further notice. Therapists are well and healthy with regular lifestyle check ups due to general health and wellbeing maintenance.
  • Your therapist will have a face mask at hand.
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