"Anybody can be a Masseuse, but it takes a passionate & intuitive individual to help change a life"

About Us

Welcome to FeelGood. We are a professional massage company providing mobile therapy and education, in and around London.

FeelGood mobile massage presents to you friendly therapists to client premises, hotels and offices at your time of need. Your health is our priority and with FeelGood’s technique, we only know how to honour our dedicated clients with a 5 star therapeutic experience…

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Meet Your Therapist

  • BEE Qualified Massage Therapist
    Massage Skills: Deep Tissue – Swedish Massage – Jet leg – Holistic – Seated chair
    4 hand massage – Couples massage (Advanced bookings only)

    Certified professional massage therapists available now.

    Benefits of Massage

    What is massage?

    Massage is a combination of kneading, stroking, palpitating and rubbing the superficial and deeper layers of muscle and tissue. Different techniques are used to create a variety of treatments, as we now have in today’s world.

    Some people may use Massage to assist on other medical treatment whilst others use it as a regular interest to help rejuvenate daily habitual activities.

    Massage helps the release of Endorphins, knows as our body’s natural pain killer. Endorphins are Neurotransmitters that send signals through the brain and the Nervous System, They are released when the body endures stress or pain, acting as a pain reliever the same way Morphine and Codeine would.

    What are the benefits of massage?

    Massage improves the Physiological and Psychological demeanours of the mind and body.

    Below is a list of some of these:


    Involves the function of our living system.


    Involves our mental function and behaviour.

    • Improves the Immune System (PHY)
    • Helps relieve stress, depression and anxiety (PSY)
    • Encourages Relaxation (PSY)
    • Releases knots and tension (PHY)
    • Lowers blood pressure (PHY)
    • Releases Endorphins (PHY)
    • Improves emotional health, i.e Trauma (PSY)
    • Assists the Lymphatic drainage (PHY)
    • Improves and increases flexibility (PHY)
    • Aids circulation, bringing fresh blood cells to the surface of the skin (PHY)
    • Assists on the digestive process (PHY)
    • Removes toxins and unwanted waste in the body. Some people may feel the need to urinate during or after their treatment (PHY)

    It is very common as a Therapist to witness a client’s emotional release during a massage. Slow Repetitive strokes, allows clients to enter a neutral ground force that relaxes a part of the brain, giving them a need to want to release certain emotions.

    Our therapists are there to discuss any matters you may have before your treatment and will always guide you on tips and tricks to continue improving your health long term.

    Touch is the first sense to develop in humans and one of the last to fade. There are approximately 5 million touch receptors in our skin. 3000 of them in each fingertip!

    These touch receptors can reduce the heart rate and lower blood pressure.

    At FeelGood we believe that the having the right professional touch, is not about the years of experience, but to do with the energy and passion our therapists feed through each client from their own spiritual force.

    We not only help those recover from physical injuries but those suffering from Trauma and who haven’t connected with their senses in a long time. Many of our clients that have suffered serious illnesses in the past, we assist on their communication and enlighten them to understanding touch again. The power of massage can change somebody’s life and re connect them to a place they were once in; Happy and healthy. We take pride in our work and hope that you will all become a part of our FeelGood legacy


    • “I hope I can be as good in my career as you are in yours!”

      LAURA CHARETTE Massage Course Attendee
    • "Thank you for a wonderful massage, I felt so relaxed after! I will definitely be booking another one soon!"

      Tamara Jovancevic Personal Trainer
    • "The massage course was so amazing, I learned how much more there is to a massage than giving someone a back rub!"

      Stephanie Walker Doctor

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    Work with FeelGood

    We are always open to recruiting new mobile therapists, who are passionate about massage and have a high interest in fitness.

    Please send your CV with relevant qualifications and a clear profile picture to us.

    Learn with FeelGood

    Do you want to train and become a Qualified Complimentary Therapist? Coming soon, we will be offering Swedish Full Body Massage Diplomas, providing you with intense theory and practical studies. For more information please contact us via the form on the left. In the meantime please have a look at our Courses and Prices page for details on our Full body massage workshops.

    E: info@feelgoodlearnandmassage.co.uk
    T: +44 (0)20 8150 9109

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