Pregnancy & Labour Massage

Mother and Baby

Prenatal massage therapy is an exceptional service provided by FG, for mother and baby to connect in a magical form. It is a beautiful journey for expecting mother’s to understand their body and work along side the changes that occur every month.

Massage during Pregnancy will assist physiological and psychological changes in each Trimester, leading up to Labour stages for full support and guidance on eliminating stress and anxiety levels.



  • Advanced telephone consultation
  • Mother and baby massage music bonding time
  • Breathing Exercises
  • Rectus Abdominus tear test
  • Massage appointments during Labour and information
  • Mother and partner labour preparation – Learn to Massage Techniques
  • 3, 6 and 9 month package offers
  • Support and After care guidance and check in


To make a telephone consultation with Bee, please call on 0208 150 9109 or request a call back via our contact us page.

60 mins£60

Package & Pricing Information

1 session        £60
3 sessions        £160
6 sessions        £315
10 sessions        £570

Benefits for you

Pregnancy can put all types of strains and pressure onto the mental and physical form of the body. By this, the baby is very likely to be affected by the mother’s stress levels which can lead to other complications.

By Massage, we are able to provide deep relaxation, enjoyment and relieve many of the symptoms that the mother may be experiencing.

Changes will occur on a daily basis and with our therapy, we are able to aid through and encourage factors such as blood flow, drainage of toxins, less pain in movement and reduction of swelling and anxiety.

Massage will also assist in the mother’s sleeping pattern, breathing control for Labour, birthing preparation and your emotional status.

This is a great time to understand more about what is happening with your body and to give your baby the best of it’s needs.


Preparing for your session

Massage for Mother and baby is a very special time to bond, so we want you to be as comfortable as possible from the beginning to enjoy every minute of this experience.

To ensure a smooth journey, we ask each client to call us 3-5 days before the date you wish to book your massage, for a telephone consultation.

We will need approximately 15-20 minutes, to discuss any contraindications, pregnancy worries, explain what to expect during the session and to find out more about you and your baby. It is likely that if you have or have had any of the symptoms on our consultation sheet, that we will need a doctor’s note of approval.

It may be your first time having a massage whilst pregnant, so we will be sure to explain everything thoroughly and answer all of your questions as best as possible.

Before your appointment, please prepare up to 2 large towels and 3 small/medium, including a number of pillows or your  pre-natal pillow. Make sure there is enough space at your premises for our standard size massage table and we will take care of the rest!

We have devised a specific Pregnancy music playlist for you but if you have any requests or prefer to play your own music, we are happy with that too.

Finally, take a moment to relax and think about how enjoyable this session will be for you and bump 🙂

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