Terms & Conditions

  • Information on our mobile massage services and prices can be found on our website at the Mobile Massage and About Us pages.
  • Clients are to pay for any appointments under FG at the time of booking or no later than a week before their appointment date. Payments are to be made via bank transfer or by local and international card payments online. Failure in making payment, will result in bookings being cancelled automatically via the booking app system and therefore will have to be rebooked.
  • Rescheduling and cancellations are free of charge up until 24 hours before your appointment. Any bookings paid for, will be refunded instantly via bank transfer or payment can be held till the next booking if clients wish to choose this method.
  • Clients must be made aware that any payments arrears after 4 weeks, will automatically face a weekly penalty of £5 which will be added to your booking account until arrears are cleared.
  • Clients should conduct themselves in a professional manner, as our therapists will.
  • Gift voucher bookings, event and pamper retreats requires full advance payments once our emails are sent out to you. Details of our bank transfer payment system will be included on your invoice.
  • Gift vouchers must be redeemed within 3 months from the time period that it was given.
  • Vouchers will expire from the date shown on the back and cannot be redeemed at any point after this date or towards any other product, service or company.
  • Cancellation and rescheduling policy still applies for clients who have received a gift voucher. Client must be made aware by the Therapist/Company of the policy at the time of booking.
  • A gift voucher must be redeemed in one go. If you have purchased or received a voucher for 2 hours, it cannot be made into two 1 hour sessions or shared with any other party.
  • Massage Packages must be paid upfront via bank transfer once an invoice has been sent out to a client.
  • Massage packages must be redeemed within 3 months from the time the invoice has been paid.
  • Any bookings within packages are to be redeemed once per day at any working day.
  • Packages are not to be shared with any other person or extended. Clients may wish to extend a session but fees will apply as normal outside of package discounts.
  • Cancellations and rescheduling within 24hrs of your booking will incur a full cost fee to cover any travel and loss of clients.
  • The Therapist/Company is not responsible for sending booking reminders for a booking but will do so out of courtesy if and when they are able to. Clients thought will receive booking confirmation via text and via email, anytime a booking is made.
  • Clients must use a towel to cover from the waist down.
  • Therapists have the right to stop or end the massage session at any time, should they feel that the client is in breech of our terms and the therapists personal space.
  • Client hygiene is highly important and can affect our Therapist’s performance if this hygiene is not met to our standards. Please call us if you have any questions regarding this.
  • Clients are required to sign a Contra – indication form that the therapist will hand you before your session. This is to ensure the safety and protection of the client and therapist, should they be needed for evidence in the future. Client should be as honest as possible of their current and historic health.
  • Final confirmation of bookings by text, will only be sent once the company has received the client’s full name, telephone number, address and postcode. With out this information, we will be under no obligation to take the booking.
  • There is an additional £10 travel fee for the following postcodes: WD EN SM KT TW UB HA
  • Client’s must provide their full name, address and telephone number upon making a booking via our online bookable system or via telephone.
  • Clients may wish to add any additional comments to their bookings verbally or in writing. i.e if there is no parking outside the client’s premises.
  • Therapists will have a minimum of an hour to get to their bookings. If there are any problems, therapists will contact their client in advance and will liaise with them directly. Due to the nature of London traffic and the areas we cover, it is possible that delays will occur. We do our very best to get to each client on time but do advise that if you are on a tight schedule, to book your appointment slightly earlier to avoid any disruptions to your schedule.
  • Pregnancy massage appointments are confirmed upon completion of telephone consultations.
  • Clients must book up to 3 days in advance for Pregnancy appointments to ensure Consultations are accepted and to give time to collect a doctors note if necessary for proof of medical history.
  • Our prenatal appointments are inclusive of a one hour body massage and 15 minutes of setting up and client and therapist discussions.
  • We take Contra-indications very seriously and advise that each individual checks that they are suitable for their massage treatments. If you know or suspect of any health or physical issues that may be brought under the contra-indications list, please contact us immediately to give you the appropriate guidance. A Contra-indication form will be given to each individual to sign for the therapist’s and the client’s protection.

Conditions in which you cannot take part – Under the influence of drugs or alcohol, heart conditions, recent stroke, fever, severe scalp infections, disease, suspected pregnancy and severe infections.

Conditions in which you must seek for medical permission – Cancer and on going chemotherapy, diabetes, kidney infections, slipped disc, recent whiplash, asthma, high/low blood pressure, recent undiagnosed swelling or severe pain, epilepsy, and heart conditions.

Please contact us, if you are not sure of the above or have any other conditions we must be made aware of.

    • We offer private tuition 1 day or 2 day work shops, attended by the student, tutor and a massage model to practise techniques on.
    • Courses are intensive and require 100% attendance. Do kindly inform us of any delays in advance, by contacting your tutor on the following telephone number: 020 8150 9109.
    • Lateness of more than 15 minutes will in affect cut into your workshop time as your tutor may have other bookings to attend.
    • Any misconduct or behaviour in which your tutor will deem as inappropriate, will in affect terminate your workshop immediately and you will be asked to leave. You will not be eligible for a refund.
    • When practising your massage techniques, we ask that you respect the model and only massage within areas that your tutor has requested.
    • If the massage model is unhappy with the students verbal, physical behaviour or approach to the session, your workshop will be terminated and refunds will not be accepted.
    • This is strictly a neutral form of professional full body massage. Any other suggestions or insinuations will be noted as misconduct and your workshop will be terminated.
    • If you wish to reschedule your workshop for any reason within 72 hours of your workshop commences, a small fee of £30 will be invoiced to you for last minute arrangements.
    • All deposits and full payments are NON REFUNDABLE and NON TRANSFERABLE. Please make sure you are able to attend your chosen course before making a payment.
    • Workshop locations may change to suit students from all areas. All locations will be within London, but we welcome attendants from all around the UK.
    • Our tutors are there to guide and support you before and after your course. We are happy to discuss any issues or worries you may have and any information exchanged, will always be held confidential.
    • Private tuition can be held at hotels. Please contact us in advance, if you are travelling in or around London and are thinking about doing the tuition at your hotel.
    • Certificates of attendance will be awarded after you have completed the workshop.
  • Health and Safety instructions will be raised at the start of every workshop. We require you to follow them to the best of your ability.
  • We need to insure safety of each other and tutors will not be responsible for any actions made, that were not instructed to do so.
  • We will also not be held accountable for any loss or stolen goods. Please bring to the workshops ONLY what is needed and keep any expensive or personal belongings at home.
  • Please ensure enough space for massage appointments or workshops at your premises/hotel. We want both clients and therapists to be comfortable and confident in their working space.
  • We do not tolerate any abusive behaviour towards the tutor or other attendants. If such cases arise, we will immediately have you dismissed from the workshop and will take further legal action if necessary. You will not be eligible for a refund.
  • Details of our clients will always be kept private and confidential to FeelGood. We do not associate nor do we pass on details of our attendants to third parties. If you have any queries or worries please don’t hesitate to contact us.
  • Please make sure any details you enter into our website is as accurate as possible to your identification.
  • You must not print out any material or use any of our images and data from the website, for other commercial usage. Please refrain from doing so, as further action will be taken to find original sources. We will not hesitate to shut down the usage of our website to protect privacy at any given time. We ask you to respect our privacy under all legal laws of our copyright 2016.
  • Termination of the website, will only take place if we feel there has been a breach towards the companies legal rights or if the company has been ceased.
  • Special offers will always be displayed on our website and can be redeemed by request of interest via email. Please refer to our contacts page if there is anything that you wish to purchase.
  • If you have any concerns about data or other information on our website, please do not hesitate to raise your issues via email.
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