Out Call VS In Call Massage

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You may have considered to book an Out Call Massage to your premises, but you were uncomfortable with the idea? Not sure if the therapist you found online, is the actual therapist who will come to you? Worried about having a stranger in your property?

There are may different thoughts running through your head but we can assure you that with FEELGOOD, what you see is what you get! In fact, we have come up with a list of 10 reasons, why booking a mobile massage is one of the best decision you have ever made:

1. We come to you!

There is nothing better than booking a massage and knowing all you have to do, is wait for your Therapist to arrive. No travelling through public transport, no driving, no rushing to make sure you get there on time and no stress. Due to the London City lifestyle, sometimes we may arrive at our appointments, anxious and flustered which can then take a little time to relax once your treatment has started.

2. Massage in your own comfort zone

Prepare your space for the session, just how you would like it. Your own music if you wish, candles, in scent burners and lighting. It is totally up to you. Our client’s will normally accommodate enough space for a massage table in their rooms or simply just lay on their bed, depending on what is most comfortable.

3. Your massage time starts from when the Therapist places their hands on your body.

Due to the demand is some spas and massage salons, you might have just booked yourself in the middle of a very tight schedule for your Therapist. This can also happen with large massage agencies, but with FEELGOOD,  we consider your time very seriously and do not want to over run with any other bookings. If you have an hour booking, your session will start from the moment your Therapist begins the massage. NOT from when they walk into your premises. We always discuss your booking outside of your treatment time.

4. Book last minute and confirm instantly

You can book up to 1 hour before your appointment, which is confirmed instantly via text or email. You can also book every quarterly instead of the regular every half an hour, i.e. 10;00, 10:15, 10:30. 10:45.

This is very unique to us and it allows those last quick 15 minutes to get back to work, to a meeting, or to watch your TV programme at 9pm if you have a late night booking!

5. We plan around you

If you are a mother or father, maybe you work from home or you have any physical limitations or injury, Out Call Massages are our best recommendation. Find a Therapist (like ours!) that is patient and can book your appointments even at difficult times, like having kids running about or if you are most likely to have to attend to emails. It is ok to do what you need to do – At the end of the day, this is YOUR session.

6. View Therapist’s availability live

Not only can you choose a Therapist, but you can choose them at a time most convenient to you! On our website, you can view your Therapist’s availability for the whole year. Yes! that means you can make a booking as far as 6 months in advance and as little as 1 hour in advance. Viewing availability, allows you to make flexible bookings and have wider options for your treatment. Any additional notes on your booking confirmation, will be received via email along with your booking details.

7. Talk with your Therapist by telephone before confirming an appointment.

What is better than speaking to your chosen Therapist by telephone to discuss your booking, even before you have confirmed the appointment? One of the reasons why we are successful is because our clients always receive what they are expecting. We take into full consideration their schedules, types of Massage techniques they like, problem areas on the body or areas of the body they prefer not to be massaged. Most importantly we fully explain our services as we might not be able to provide something you might be looking for. Sometimes we can recommend you other places. We also get clients that have never booked an Outcall Massage and might be suspicious of the idea. Just remember, no question is a silly question. We are here to assist your needs and help you in every way FEELGOOD can.

8. Saving you money and time

Receiving a massage at home, hotel or office, can mean you are able to get to and from your destinations in the day much quicker. Many of our clients like to receive a massage before bed time to assist in sleeping easier. Others book us in straight after an intense workout, at work lunch breaks in their offices or even a couple of hours before they head out for dinner. This will save you a great amount of time, travelling to and from a Massage salon and being able to diary all of your plans, stress free.

9. Flexible Re-schedules

With Mobile massage at FEELGOOD, we can make last minute changes to your appointments in an instant click. Your booking confirmation email, will have the option to cancel or re-schedule within seconds and there is no need to speak to anybody of your changes. You may prefer to contact your Therapist, if you would like to make these changes verbally. We understand last minute situations, but we do kindly ask that you give us at least 1 hours notice of these amendments, to avoid us travelling to a cancelled booking.

10. Personal service

We are bespoke and know exactly what are client’s needs are. Our professional conduct makes us stand out from other Companies and allows us to provide services of high quality. Look out for your Therapist as they may just leave you with a small edible treat and a loyalty card after your massage!


We hope this information will only help you make the right choices for your massage treatments.


Happy Friday!



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