The importance of Massage Therapist’s fitness

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Have you ever booked a therapist because you loved their look or you thought the company was professional, but they didn’t meet your requirements when it came down to pressure?

I was that therapist when I started my career!

My technique was memorable, my service was professional but my strength was non existent. In fact I actually slipped a disc in my back, from trying my hardest to constantly give pressure I wasn’t physically capable of and I managed to injure myself by being in the wrong posture at the wrong time.

Over the years working as a Therapist, I knew that I had the potential to make a successful career, with my 7 years experience in the professional dance industry. I had a great source of knowledge in Body Maintenance, Anatomy and Nutrition, which became key to my studies and the birth of FeelGood.

My knowledge allows me to assist and advise clients on their long term well being, including recommending other treatments that may be more beneficial for their problem areas. I enjoy meeting a new client and analysing their posture and movement, to give them feedback and show them that my interests lie within their well being. Nothing is better than leaving a client with positive thoughts about themselves and reassuring their well being can be at the level they wish to achieve!

Paramount to this, I have developed unimaginable strength, whilst weight training at the gym since February 2015. I have the power to be diverse for clientèle who wish for nothing more than a relaxed, light and gentle massage to an athlete who needs to loosen tensed muscles after a competition.

How can clients trust I have this ability? My image, my experiences and my reviews.

I have trained so intensely that at a glance,  many know I am involved within the sports and health industry. As a client, you are to feel confident and comfortable with the service you are about to receive. YOU are paying for this service and putting yourself in the hands of a person unknown to you. You also have the right to turn down the appointment if you are not comfortable. So my aim is to make sure that my clients are guaranteed this first stage trust and continue to feel confident when recommending us to other people.

Please read all the information about your therapist on their profiles and agency websites before you confirm your booking. An attractive website will not define a Therapist’s skill but their reviews and experiences will. Take your time when choosing the right Therapist and even call the company to find out more about them. Remember you are paying for the service!

THERAPISTS: If you would like to boost your skills and knowledge in your career, please visit our website for more information on our private tuition workshops bespoke to your objectives.




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