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I started FeelGood with a strong passion to make others feel good! I wanted to share my spiritual vision towards Massage Therapy and how important it is to communicate with the right energy in a treatment.

For those that haven’t read my website Bio, I studied Massage voluntarily with one of the best Therapists I have ever connected with, in my line of work. She taught me how to communicate with my hands and the value our skills can add to somebody else’s life. She crafted her work, by listening to client’s requests and their personal stories, which made her a trusting therapist.

After months of practising my skills, I decided to take a course and qualify as a Professional Massage Therapist. Working with a Mobile Massage Agency for 2 years, gave me the experience I needed to fully confide in myself to start venturing into a new journey.

Many people told me how they would like to learn how to massage, or make jokes about how their partner’s told them they can’t massage properly. I finally had found a gap in the market to teach men and women how to massage and enhance the well being of their personal lives. I believe it is important for us to know how to care for our loved ones in different forms and by learning how to massage, we gain a skill that can benefit the health of another.

Anybody can learn the techniques, but one thing we are never taught in courses, is connective energy, communication, pitching of voice during a massage and tempo. All of these factors and more, can make your experience with a Therapist breath taking.

One of my aims is to eliminate working Therapists “just” with the right technique and bring them to their potential in the industry. Many clients have complained to me how frustrating it is to pay for a treatment with a Therapist that wasn’t to their expectation!

FeelGood now also provides Mobile Therapy to client’s premises, hotels and offices. We specialise in treating those leading demanding lifestyles with long working hours, by eliminating stress and anxiety. My client’s progress is why I continue to grow in this industry. I learn from them as much as they learn from me. I welcome my clients to contact me at any time for tips on maintaining their well being, including nutritional and exercise guidelines. As a weight lifter at the gym, it’s hard not to want to help!

I hope this information has brought you closer to my mind and that it will help you explore your own well being.


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